Frequently Asked Questions

What products are affected by this recall?

Liquid Plumr® Pro-Strength Foaming Clog Fighter™ (previously sold as Slow Flow Fighter™) and Liquid Plumr® Pro-Strength Urgent Clear® Clog Remover produced on or before March 21, 2016, are impacted by this recall.

To determine if product is impacted, look for the production date code on back of label near UPC or on casepack near UPC. Codes marked with JS16081 or below (e.g. JS16052, JS15102) should be held from sale. Products with codes JS16082 and higher (e.g. JS16088, JS16100) are saleable and are not impacted by the recall.  No other Liquid Plumr products are affected by this recall. See images below:

Why is Clorox (Liquid Plumr) taking this action?

Consumer safety is a top priority for the company. Liquid Plumr received some reports of the child resistant caps not working properly on the mentioned products.

Liquid Plumr is working cooperatively with the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission, Health Canada and other sanitary agencies around the globe voluntarily recalling these products. There have been no reported injuries to date associated with these closures.

Has anyone been hurt by this?

No, we have had no reports of injuries with the products. We are issuing the voluntary recall to remove the product from the market.

Will we receive a credit for the affected products when we return them?

Yes. You will receive credit for any authorized products returned under this recall notification.

Is there a supply alert involved in this recall?

No. We have salable product able to ship at this time. We anticipate minimal cuts during this recall.

How are the products being returned? Do I need to contact my consumers or take any action?

Clorox has hired a third-party firm, Stericycle, to manage the returns from customers and consumers, and we will work through them to manage the returns. All customers are requested to complete the Business Response Form (BRF) that came with the notifications, even if zero inventory, as soon as possible. This will assist us in determining the best mode of product return. Customers may also complete the BRF by:

In addition, please post the recall poster that we'll provide to you in a prominent place in your store to help ensure consumers are aware.

Our store sells Liquid Plumr products not mentioned in the recall. Are those being pulled?

No, this recall is limited only Liquid Plumr Pro-Strength Foaming Clog Fighter™ (previously sold as Slow Flow Fighter™) and Liquid Plumr® Pro-Strength Urgent Clear® Clog Remover products produced on or before March 21, 2016. Other Liquid Plumr products are not impacted, need not be pulled and are not eligible for refund.

Will Liquid Plumr be notifying consumers and asking them to return their products?

Yes, Clorox will be working with local agencies to notify consumers of this voluntary recall. Consumers who return product labels from recalled products will be issued a full refund.


Consumer Contacts:

*Toll Free for calls made within the following countries unless stated otherwise.

  • Hungary (Magyar): 06-800-20762
  • Bulgaria (български): 00800-118-1118
  • Greece (ελληνικά): 00-800-1809-204-8120
  • China (普通话): 400-120-9053
  • Singapore (普通话 and English): 800-852-3406
  • Malaysia (Malay and English): +60-1548770774
  • Bermuda (English): 1-855-598-6641
  • Hong Kong (广东话): 800-906-077
  • UK and all other locations (toll charges will apply to consumer): +44-2086101601